Oil Paintings by Jillie Swanson

As a contemporary impressionist artist, Jillie makes her canvases come alive with brilliant colors of light and joy. Her paintings sing out the beauty of her visions of romantic and alluring floral scenes from Europe and the Americas. You will find beautiful and haunting scenes that are drawn entirely from the artist's vivid imagination.


By the age of five, in her native home of Galesburg, Illinois, Jille had already developed a love of the arts and she knew this would be her life's work; she would be creating works of rich color to share with the world. Jillie portrays nature jumping out of her canvases with colorful landscapes, lush fields of flowers, sunny seascapes, small villages, or the beauty of an outdoor picnic.


As Jillie observes, "We as a society are in such a rush that we often fail to consider the magic and wonders of our earth - the rocks, the trees, the skies and seas, the color and joy of flowers. There we find the wonder of peace and joy". Jillie believes that colors are felt not just aesthetically, but also physically, and they can strengthen and heal the body as well as the soul, in much the same way music helps us to heal. Jillie makes these wonders in her paintings come alive by using both brushes and palette knives to develop a depth and richness of color and texture.


Jillie's creations grace the walls of many collectors across the United States, Europe and Australia. It is always a pleasure for Jillie to develop a painting as a commissioned piece for a client that expresses a desire for a work of pure color, or as an expression of their treasured memories.